Month: June 2021

10 interesting facts about Mexico

Mexico has been inhabited by a huge number of civilizations throughout History, many of which still remain as unraveled mysteries. Additionally, when the Spanish arrived, an amazing fusion of the indigenous and Spanish cultures took place, which is nowadays reflected in many aspects of Mexican society and traditions, such as its food. Here we bring you 10 of the most interesting facts about Mexico.

Transit through Beijing

When we travelled to the Philippines, we flew through Beijing. We decided to extend a bit the layovers in order to be able to visit the main attractions of the Chinese capital. Thanks to it, we had the chance to explore places like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, in addition to enjoying the delicious Peking duck.

A weekend trip to Iceland

We present a 2-day route around the southwest region of Iceland. The itinerary that we follow is a modified version of the route known as “Golden Circle”. Iceland is a unique destination where you can enjoy amazing landscapes and natural formations, such as glaciers, impressive waterfalls and geisers, in addition to seeing the northern lights.

Palau – day 7

We finished our Palau trip by visiting the island of Peleliu, where one of the main battles of World War II took place. This small island in southern Palau is covered with historical sites and artifacts from the battle, including thousands of unexploded projectiles!

Palau – day 6

For our second-to-last day in Palau, we decided to dive again at some of its best sites. Even though it seemed difficult that we could be impressed further after having enjoyed so many natural wonders in Palau, its underwater world left us amazed once again.

Palau – day 5

We began our fifth day in Palau by exploring the islands in a new way: by air! After it, we did a roadtrip around Babeldaob, the largest island in the country. In Babeldaob, we discovered several traditional and modern monuments related to the Palauan culture and history.

Palau – day 4

During our fourth day in Palau, we explored the Rock Islands in detail. We could travel around them by boat, kayak and even snorkel in their waters. We visited plenty of amazing places, including a sea lagoon inhabited by millions of jellyfish.